Children Fashion Show industry pulses through our veins, and we spend every single second, minute, an hour focused on how we can transform an industry.  FLL Kids Fashion Show has a goal to spread the love of fashion for children and teens while creating endless opportunities and experiences.  We strive to run professional, state of the art events while maintaining an uplifting, supportive and encouraging environment for all. FLL Kids Fashion Show also prides itself in bringing in REAL industry professionals to spread knowledge and education to the models and model families.  There are so many “not true” events and information that can take advantage of models, especially ones that are newer to the industry.  We are raising the BAR and then creating a new Industry Standard of Fashion Show’s and events, providing top quality and life experience than anywhere else.


FLL Kids Fashion Weekend is planning to be a global event staged in the Fort Lauderdale area featuring a fashionable schedule of runway shows and performances as well as activities for children from 6 to 15 years old and their parents.

Fort Lauderdale's only dedicated children's fashion weekend event that puts kids fashion on the map. Event location soon to be announced.





Our mission is to create an event where kids can learn the importance of self-expression, diversity, friendship, acceptance, education, and giving back to their communities. A place where self-esteem and talent can be developed. Creating opportunities for emerging adult and kid designers as well as impacting the kids fashion market and beyond are some of our goals.

Kids Fashion Weekend FLL caters to kids, families and the fashion industry by providing quality entertainment and fashion collections with over 30 kids from as young as 6 years old in a way that supports culture and encourages children of all backgrounds to take the stage and walk.


Stay in-touch for summer activities schedule.





One of the biggest rewards we personally get from FLL Kids Fashion weekend is seeing the confidence that these kids gain!  We truly love what we do!  Just within our last few shows, we’ve seen these shy, timid kids, gain confidence and a “light” to shine like never before.  This is what it’s all about.  It’s about making kids grow as individuals, gain and/or polish their confidence, and create life long memories and friendships. Instilling these goals and foundations will only help them grow as individuals, carrying them into adult hood being an even stronger individual.


We also have some of THE best talent of Models walk our runways.  The FLL  Kids Fashion Show is a great source for models of all experience levels to develop their skills and exposure.  They thrive in our FREE runway classes, getting critiques  and tips by our industry professionals that we bring in especially for our events.   Each time models walk the runway, they gain more confidence and more sure of themselves than ever.  This is one of the reasons we do more then just one walk at our events.  Models may start out feeling a little nervous during the first walk.  By the time they get to the 2nd and final walks, they feel comfortable and confident allowing them to shine from the inside out.

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